The Hoffmann Family Timeline

The Hoffmann Family emigrated on the ship George Washington in 1844 leaving the town of Friedstadt in Prussia (Silesia, modern day Poland) to come to Australia

They first settled at Blumberg (Birdwood) in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, then to Ebenezer, Barossa Valley in 1857, buying property from a Mr Adam Bartsch. The Hoffmann’s were very much a traditional Barossa German family engaging in all aspects of farming from horticulture to dairy, cereal to wool and was this way right up to 1990’s when the dairy was sold.

  • Johann George Hoffmann

    Born 1797  / Died 1858 Birdwood

    Married  Anna Elizabeth Jaetner – (Died 1846)

    Married  1847 to Anna Dorothea Zilm (Born 1813 / Died 1896)

    Johann George Hoffmann was born in 1797 and died on 22nd Oct 1858. He immigrated to Australia with his wife and seven Children in 1844 on the ship ‘George Washington’.

  • Friedrich Ernst Hoffmann 

    Born 1833  / Died 1885 Ebenezer

    Married 1858 to Johanne Rosine Lange  (Died 1887)

    Fourth Child of Johann and Anna Hoffmann, Friedrich immigrated with his parents in 1844 on the ship ‘George Washington’.

  • Friedrich Ernst Hoffmann

    Born 1865 / Died 1942

    Married 1888 to Caroline Ernstine Pauline Geisler (Born 1868 / Died 1945)

    Second child of Friedrich and Johanne Hoffmann. Friedrich was a mixed agriculture farmer on the property engaging in early settlement life.

  • 1918 Hoffmann Wedding

    Carl Alfred Hoffmann

    Born 1892 / Died 1972

    Married 1918 to Johanna Linda Braunack 1918 (Born 1898 / Died 1989)

    Third child of Friedrich and Caroline Hoffmann, Carl known by his shortened middle name ‘Alf’.
    He was a mixed agriculture farmer on the property, and also a share/contract farmer.

  • Jeffrey Hoffmann - Grandpa

    Alfred Gordon Hoffmann 

    Born 1923 / Died 2010

    Married  1950 to Avis Dulcie Mickan  (Born 1928)

    Third child of Carl and Johanna Hoffmann, Alfred was known by his middle name ‘Gordon’. He was an apprentice at the Weisner Blacksmith before taking on the family property. Gordon established a mechanised dairy and enjoyed farming right through to his later years.

  • Jeffrey Hoffmann

    Jeffrey Gordon Hoffmann

    Born 1951

    Married  1973 to Denise Anne Schulz (Born 1954)

    First child of Gordon and Avis Hoffmann, Jeffrey always helped out on the family property. He also loved engineering and building sheds. He can now be found tending to his old vine shiraz on the Home and Dallwitz’ blocks.

  • Adrian Jeffrey Hoffmann

    Born 1975

    Married 1998 to April Ruth Hart 1998 (Born 1978)

    Second child of Jeffrey and Denise Hoffmann, Adrian developed a passion for the vineyard in the late 1990s and has not looked back.


  • The Future

    Byron Adrian Hoffmann       B.2000

    Amelia Jade Hoffmann         B.2002

    Tegan Lindsay Hoffmann     B.2005